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Orgonomix Rewire™

Rewiring thinking and culture

Orgonomix Rewire™ teaches our clients how to recognise their current modes of thinking and functioning to help them make meaning in a more systemic way. Together, we learn to look at how all of the parts of the organisational system relate and connect and how to make sense of the whole.

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Orgonomix Reframe™

Reframing mental maps and roles

Orgonomix Reframe™ helps our clients ‘see’ their mental maps of the system and their roles in it. They get to observe their current assumptions so they are no longer captive to them, can create new meaning and reframe them bringing about real change, and new outcomes with more speed and less ‘noise’.

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Orgonomix Repattern™

Repatterning relatedness

Orgonomix Repattern™ gives our clients an understanding of how their roles connect with other roles in the system to form patterns of organisation. They’re given the tools to reframe and align on their roles and patterns of relating so the entire system works more coherently.

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Orgonomix Result™

Achieving new results

Orgonomix Result™ goes beyond the technical and first order changes organisations commonly make. We work with our clients to help them make adaptive changes at a mindset or systemic level to bring about second order changes and sustainable results.