The Orgonomix 4D Systemic Change™ Model


We work with our clients to make their current systems visible. Using system and role mapping we make the implicit individual and collective assumptions and organisation patterns ‘object’.


We apply systemic thinking to help our clients design new business operating models and organisational systems. Instead of developing organisational structures and charts we focus on roles, boundaries and relatedness between the parts for coherence and collaboration.


We facilitate interventions which enable role and assumption reframing and change the pattern of relating to enable new ways of working and performance.


We help our clients embed these new ways of working and build adaptive capacity into their culture and organisation.

Organisational and Leadership Development

Shifting Culture through a Systems Lens

  • Discover a new lens on culture, what it is and what it isn’t
  • Understand the current assumptions (myths) that are keeping culture ‘stuck’
  • Learn to ‘diagnose’ culture – the patterns, mental maps and implicit contracts
  • Understand what’s underlying symptomatic ‘noise’
  • Design interventions to bring about change with more speed and less turbulence
  • Set up ‘change leadership’ for success rather than resistance

Growing Adaptive Organisations

  • Rewire organisations to be intentionally adaptive and ‘self-disrupting’
  • Create adaptive capacity for continuous renewal
  • Develop the organisational system to function ‘at its growing edge’
  • Create ‘growth’ cultures deliberately developing employees
  • Cultivate individuals’ ‘growth mindset’

Repattering Organisational Systems

  • Reinvent business models and design new operating models for digital and market disruption
  • Move beyond technical change to transform how the organisation system functions
  • Build coherence and alignment for the system to be more than ‘a sum of the parts’
  • Change the way the parts interact and relate
  • Improve the ROI on change programs
  • Create maximum flow with minimum effort

Coaching with the System in Mind™

  • Uncover current assumptions and systemic mental maps
  • See the roles being played in co-creating current systemic patterns
  • Reframe roles and assumptions for enhanced individual and whole system performance
  • Move beyond Immunity to Change™ when ‘stuck’
  • Grow developmentally for more expansive sense-making
  • Move beyond Immunity to Change™ when ‘stuck’

Developing System Leaders for Complexity

  • Become a systems leader – see, diagnose and lead change in systems
  • Develop system intelligence – go beyond knowing self and others to see patterns in systems
  • Get comfortable with complexity – move beyond binary simple solutions
  • Grow to be self-transforming – hold multiple perspectives, see and reframe your own assumptions
  • Lead adaptive change, disruption and innovation – create adaptive space for experimentation