Joan Lurie

Joan Lurie

Joan Lurie is a pioneer in the area of Systemic Change, Organisational Strategy and Leadership Development.

She is the Creator of Orgonomics™, a proprietary systemic methodology, designed to help top-tier leaders fundamentally transform their businesses and thrive in the Gig Economy.

Joan holds two Masters Degrees – one in Developmental Psychology, from Columbia University, New York, where she was a Fulbright Scholar; and a second in Adult Education and Development from Wits University, South Africa.

Joan works at the CEO level to help leaders design and lead complex adaptive and disruptive change in their business models, culture and organisational systems. With over 20 years of practice and experience working in and consulting to businesses with ‘turn-around’ results.

Applying the Orgonomics™ methodology, Joan has worked with leading organisations including ANZ, Carlton United Breweries, Dulux Group, Incitec Pivot Limited, Allens and Sydney University among others.

Referred to as ‘groundbreaking’, Orgonomics™ allows leaders to rewire their thinking to be more systemic, reframe roles and perspectives and repattern their organisations for new ways of operating to achieve higher order functioning and performance.

Joan’s purpose is helping leaders and organisations continue to develop, grow and be successful. In her own words ‘Learning to think systemically, to see the systems we are in and reframe the roles we play in those systems is becoming more and more critical, as we learn to adapt ourselves and our organisations to be fit for the Age of Complexity’.

Infographic - Navigating Complexity

Our Team

At Orgonomix we operate using an alliance network model. We see every client engagement as unique and we create the best team of consultants for the work to maximise our client’s ROI.

Our aim is also to build the capacity and capability of our clients’ leadership teams to continue the work themselves. Most of our leadership development programs are action oriented, developing the adaptive capacity of the teams as we guide and coach them through the disruptive change they are leading.

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